Season One of glitch Gallery explored themes of time and scarcity: one digital object, every 30 days. 30 Days in Marfa artist residency, our Season two collection, activates a third dimension: space. We invite the artist to seek inspiration in the desert art enclave, where they can create works during a 30-day residency in the gallery itself.

Our intention with this format is to afford digital artists the latitude to create and showcase their work, unrestrained by existing standards and preconceived notions of what digital art can or should be. We particularly urge artists to probe into overlooked forms or things they haven’t explored so far: from bold sketches, crossovers between digital and physical realms, to references to Marfa’s local milieu.

At the end of the 30 days in Marfa, artists are granted the chance to offer whatever they’ve created during their stay – be it a generative collection, a 1-1, a small or large edition – for sale.

To celebrate the achievement, the residency culminates in a public gala in Marfa, Texas where the culminating work(s) will be on display.


May 2024

diewiththemostlikes is an Indiana based artist and author driven by the same crippling monotony experienced while watching a piss soaked snow mound melt into the pavement at a strip mall parking lot in Northern Indiana. His work was featured in the first ever digital art exhibition at DART in Milan, the Decentralized Art Pavilion at Venice Biennale and Times Square for the Armory Show. He also birthed the first ever fully fuckable flea market at the glitch Gallery in Marfa Texas. He has five books across three international publishers. He is the lips and buttholes of a generation.